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Promoting the ART of FIREARM ENGRAVING since 1981
A Message from FEGA President, Barry Lee Hands

A message from the President of the Firearms Engravers Guild of America

I wish to personally welcome you to the Firearms Engravers Guild of America (FEGA)

FEGA is a diverse membership group of engravers, engraving aficionados and collectors who pursue our mutual passion for Firearm, knife and ornamental decorative engraving in its many varied forms.

Our membership spans the globe and is open to any and all persons, especially those interested in the Arts and engraving.

FEGA is pleased to produce:
The Annual FEGA exhibition
The quarterly publication “The Engraver “

This website is a portal to keep you informed and connected with our Gallery, and many links, please register and join in our forum to read and discuss the latest in engraving, post a question or answer a question, show your work or work that you admire.

The Engraving Arts and Firearms Exhibition
FEGA’s Exhibition is the highlight of the year, and is the premier destination to meet new friends and other members. It is also a great venue for interaction with the public, who are drawn to the many displays and the friendly competition of the awards program, and to see the latest and best in American engraving.

Engraver magazine is the worlds premiere publication on the engraving Arts.
It’s pages are packed with articles by industry insiders from around the world.

Members of FEGA are joined together by common bonds, a love of engraving, and an interest in improving our personal knowledge of engraving. Along with actively sharing this knowledge with other interested persons and parties. Finding and creating new marketing avenues for our commercially oriented members. Nurturing appreciation of the engraving arts in the eye of the public, and fostering the desire to learn more and increase our knowledge of the art whether that member be an engraver, a student of or simply a person interested in the Arts.

I am honored to be the President of FEGA, and I look forward to uphold the tradition of integrity and hard work that stretches back over 30 years to our first meeting in 1981.

We welcome you to our group, our circle of friends and our love of the Art.

Barry Lee Hands
The Firearm Engravers Guild of America

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