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"Gallery" of Photos by FEGA C.P. Engravers
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Tim George
1806 Elizabeth Ave
Altavista, VA  24517

Tim began engraving full time in 1981 , when he started his apprenticeship under Ken Hurst. Ken (a former Colt custom shop master) opened an engraving company in Tim’s home town of Lynchburg Virginia and began hiring and training local artists and craftsmen to become production engravers. Ken taught the “hammer and chisel” method of engraving and it’s the method that Tim still uses today.

In 1987, he and other former employees started their own engraving business and called it Old Dominion Engravers. This company too, continued the tradition of hiring and training their own engravers to do both custom and production style engraving as well as photo-etching, plating, gunsmithing and metal finishing. After three years of long days and many headaches, Tim decided it was time for a solo career and has kept it that way every since.

Today, he divides his time between engraving firearms and custom knives. While enjoying all aspects of the engraving field, he particularly enjoys designing scroll and executing both flush and raised gold inlay. He is also proud to have taught engraving masters courses at both Lassen and Trinidad colleges.

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Scott Sawby  folding gents knife ( interframe ) Winchester Double Shotgun Winchester Double - bottom of the action Winchester mod. 21- the top of the action. Winchester Double - trigger guard. A Colt Single Action. A knife beautifully engraved by Tim. A woodcock inlaid in gold! Another beautiful Knife! Another beautiflu Knife - detail. The 2007 Colt Collectors Association Auction Pistol Art Deco Knife Art Nouveau Knife