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"Gallery" of Photos by FEGA C.P. Engravers
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Barry Lee  Hands
7191 E. Carey Ave
Las Vegas, NV  89156
406 249 4334   

Barry Lee Hands offers the finest engraving, engraving consulting, writing and photography to his clients in the world of Fine Firearm and Knife collecting.
Mr Hands has been a professional Engraver since he was apprenticed at the age
of seventeen years.
Barry Lee Hands has worked and studied with engravers such as Ken Hunt, Ron Smith and Winston Churchill.
His clients and collaborators have included Steve Hoel, S.R. Johnson, David Trevallion, Jerry Fisher, Gary Goudy, Lee Helgeland, Craig Boddington, The Winchester Custom Shop, The Colt Custom shop, C. Sharps Arms Co., Dakota Arms co., and John Rigby and Co.
Mr Hands holds Certified Master status in the Firearms Engravers Guild of America, and regular membership in the American Custom Gunmakers Guild and is an associate member of the Knifemakers Guild..
Barry Lee Hands has served as an Engraving Instructor for GRS/Glendo, the Colorado Gunsmithing Academy , and The Ithaca Gun Company.
Mr Hands is a well known authority on the Art and History of engraving, writing articles for such prestigious publications as The Double Gun Journal, Shooting Sportsman , Blade, Gunmaker and Engraver.
Barry Lee Hands is known for his thorough and meticulous layout and design, combining time honored engraving techniques with his own innovative style. Among his original contributions to the Art are his “Gilded Pearl” Technique, his “Burnished Blade” and “Burnished Gold” Techniques.
Recognized as working at the Master level of accomplishment, he is world renowned and in great demand.
 The Buffalo jump  The Ultimate Colt 25 and Ultimate Ron Lake pearl set  David's Fighter  The Ultimate Lake Detail  David's Fighter detail  2009 Art Knife Invitational Steve Hoel   Best engraved Rifle award Reno 2009  Studying in London with Ken Hunt  Jerry Fisher 25-06 Hagn detail  Left panel on  The Ultimate Lake detail