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"Gallery" of Photos by FEGA C.P. Engravers
Photo of engraving

Scott Pilkington
PO Box 97
Monteagle , TN  37356

Scott Pilkington began engraving as a senior in high school in 1982 with a hammer and chisel given him for a Christmas present. He was soon won over by the art form and decided to make engraving his lifes profession.

He began practicing hard and visiting other engravers around the country to increase his skills. His dedication paid off and soon he was receiving commissions from around the country and the globe.

Awarded Professional Status in 1990, Scott continued to expand his skills in new and different arenas, spending a significant portion of his engraving time doing comissions for custom knife connoiseures.

One of Scott's other interests/responsibilities is working as a traveling
gunsmith for the US Shooting Team. This has led him to become the US importer for Steyr-Mannlicher competition airguns and firearms.

At the present, Scott is limiting his engraving to one of a kind "theme" type projects such as the King Tut set which won Smith & Wesson's Artistry in Arms Award at the 1998 FEGA show.

Scott also teaches beginning engraving classes for GRS in Emporia, Kansas.

Unique work by Scott Pilkington.