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FEGA Award Categories and Judging Information

To enter the awards the rules are quite simple. You must be a FEGA member and have a table at the show.
If you should win an award in a category, you cannot enter that same gun in the following year’s awards in the same category that you won in. The metal on metal awards can be on any object. You can enter your engraved gun in as many categories as you like or are appropriate. The guns must be in a finished engraved state.

The categories for the 2016 FEGA Engraving Awards are:

FEGA Best Engraved Handgun:
This award is presented to a FEGA engraver in recognition of outstanding engraving on a handgun. The winner receives a certificate from the Guild and a check from FEGA for $500.

Best Engraved Shotgun
Sponsored by Connecticut Shotgun
An award presented to a FEGA engraver in recognition of outstanding engraving on a shotgun. The award is a $300 Galazan gift certificate and a certificate from the Guild.

Best Engraved Rifle
Sponsored by William’s Gunsight
This award is given to a FEGA engraver for outstanding engraving on a rifle. The winner receives $300 and a certificate from the Guild.

Metal on Metal Inlay
Sponsored by Blue Book Publications
An award given to a FEGA engraver for exemplary use of metal on metal inlays or overlays. The award is a certificate from the Guild and a special book from BBP.

Artistic Uniqueness in Engraving Design, Style and/or Subject Matter.
Sponsored by GRS
This award promotes artistic risk in a non-traditional or unusual style, design, or subject matter on a firearm or other engraved object. Glendo representatives determine the recipient. The award is a certificate and $500 to the winner.

Best Engraved Single Shot Rifle
Sponsored by C. Sharps Arms Co.
Open to all falling block or rolling block rifles submitted by a table holder - ACGG or FEGA. Winner will receive a hardwood business card holder, a certificate and a C. Sharps Arms 1875 Sharps action, in the white, valued at $2500 retail.

FEGA Engravers’ Choice Awards
This is an open competition for exhibiting FEGA members of their “best gun.” The winner is selected by vote of all attending FEGA members to choose one “Engravers’ Choice” (certificate and $300) and two “Awards of Merit” (certificate and $100).

Best Engraved Knife
Sponsored by William Henry Studios
This award is given to a FEGA engraver for outstanding engraving on a knife. The winner receives $500 and a certificate from the Guild.

People’s Choice Table Award
This award is for the best table display. The winner receives certificate and a table voucher for the next year’s show.

FEGA Collaborating Artist Award
Sponsored by FEGA and given to the collaborating artist of a winning engraved firearm project where the collaborator scrimshaws, carves the grips or stock of a winning entrant in one of the firearms categories.
This isn’t a competition like the rest of these awards but rather a way to honor the contributing artist if there happens to be one.
Winner receives a certificate and $100 from the Guild in each category the firearm wins in except Metal on Metal and Artistic Uniqueness.

FEGA Awards 2016 *****NEW AWARD*****
Best Engraved Modern Firearm.

This will be a new category beginning with our 2016 show. The firearm must be of a new design introduced on or after January 1st, 1946 to modern day. So this takes in all modern firearms. There will be more information as to sponsors etc later in the year both on the web site and in the magazine.

To Be A Judge:
You are automatically be qualified as a contest judge if you:
1. Are an exhibiting FEGA member.
This means if you have a table, you can be a judge as long as you are an active member. You are the judge, not anybody else who might be helping you at your table. No wives, no friends, just you, as you are the artist and table holder. You are qualified to judge in any and all of the different contests except the one that you might be entered in. It’s as simple as that.

2. Are a current FEGA Master Engraver even if you do not have a table.
What this means is that if you are a FEGA Master Engraver and are not exhibiting you can still be a judge in any and all the contests. As a FEGA Master Engraver we value your dedication to the art and our guild, we respect and want your judgments. I guess you can call this one of the “perks” for being a FEGA Master Engraver.
You cannot judge unless you are a table holding exhibitor or a FEGA Master Engraver. It doesn’t matter how accomplished an engraver you are. Unless you meet one of the two criteria listed above you cannot vote. This is designed to get as many exhibiting FEGA members and FEGA Master Engravers involved as possible. This would also eliminate random picking of judges at our annual meeting thereby freeing up precious time for other guild business.
All of our contests will be held the same as in the past with time slots. You would be asked to come and vote for each contest during their particular time slot.

3. The Engravers Choice Award
All FEGA members present at the show can cast their vote in this category are encouraged to pick their favorites. Ω

If you have any questions contact Mike Fennell at

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