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FEGA Auction Gun

   The 2022 FEGA Auction Samuel Colt Tribute ~ Current Bid $ 37,000 ~ Online Bidding Available at:

The 2022 FEGA Auction Gun is a magnificent 7 ½” Barrel Colt Single Action Army chambered in .45 Caliber. This Colt exhibits the finest work of five engravers, each of whom is recognized as FEGA Master and Colt Master Engraver. All work and materials required to complete this firearm were donated by the participating engravers and associated craftsmen.

The Colt’s journey started at the shop of John Powers of Powers Metal Works. John disassembled, polished and prepped the gun for engraving. Once received in Mike Dubber’s studio, and after consultation with Barry Hands, the various parts and pieces were distributed around the nation. While the individual engravers are not identified with the parts they engraved, the parts went to the following Master Engravers: Barry Lee Hands, Mike Dubber, Lee Griffiths, Brian Powley and Bob Strosin.


The overall theme of the engraving is a tribute to Sam Colt. The celebrated “Colt Onion Dome” is displayed in gold and silver inlay on the loading gate. The colt factory on the Connecticut River is inlaid in gold on the fore right barrel. The first Colt logo, the four-horsehead symbol drawn up by Sam Colt himself, is inlaid in gold on the recoil shield.


There are three beautifully rendered portraitures of Sam Colt included in the theme. Sam’s facial portrait is shown on the shovel head. He is also shown on the right panel in one of most famous poses – that of a young sailor at sea carving wooden forerunners of his revolving cylinder patents. Those wooden parts were the six/chambered cylinder, the hammer, and the locking pin. He later perfected a working version that was patented in England and France in 1835 and in the United States the following year. Sam Colt’s signature is inlaid in gold down the backstrap.


On the left panel a cavalry officer is shown on horseback brandishing his Colt Walker Pistol. With the Mexican War underway in 1846, Sam Colt and Captain Samuel Walker collaborated in the design of the Colt Walker. General Zachary Taylor ordered 1,000 of the big bore .44 Caliber revolvers. The guns were delivered to the Army in 1847, used in the Mexican War, and provided Sam Colt with his first successful business venture.


The FEGA Colt is fully bordered in 24K Gold and finished in a mix of historically correct Colt Scrolls. With all parts pieces engraved, the gun was sent to John Powers. John donated his time and talents to bluing and assembling the gun. He also donated a beautiful set of Mother-of-Pearl grips that were fitted to the gun by Paul Persinger.

The 2022 FEGA Colt shown in these photographs represents the highest level of craftsmanship ever applied to a FEGA Auction Gun. This collaboration was completed by an outstanding group of Master Engravers, Metalsmiths, and Grip Makers. We look forward to featuring this FEGA Colt up for auction at the 2022 FEGA Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada. The FEGA Colt was shown at the Colt Collectors Association Convention in Noblesville, Indiana on September 30 – October 3. Four of the participants were in attendance in Noblesville.


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