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Master Engraver Bertram  Edmonston

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Bertram  Edmonston
121 Northbrook Dr
Gibsonia, PA  15044

Bertram Edmonston began his career as a custom bench jeweler. His experience setting diamonds sparked the desire to pursue ornamental engraving. He sought training from Sam Alfano and Mike Dubber. It was Dubber who encouraged Bertram to try working on a firearm project.

Being highly influenced by Dubber, Bertram began working on a myriad of Colts and other handguns developing his own style.

Bertram works in a multitude of styles of scroll engraving, however prefers to execute his signature scroll.

His work is most likely to be encountered on Colts and custom handguns, however, he enjoys working with Krieghoff, Kolar and other fine shotguns. In addition he's recently seen the Randall Made Knives become a regular appearance on his bench.

Bertram won the FEGA best engraved handgun in 2016. His work has been featured in many industry publications due to relationships with various firearms manufacturers. He has also engraved several of the FEGA and ACGG auction guns.

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